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Recreational angling

Recreational angling is also known as sports fishing and can be for fun or be competitive in nature. Typically, it involves fishing in ready stocked lakes and ponds, using a rod, reel, hooks and line. A multi-purpose rod is sufficient for beginners, between three and four meters long. Having the correct bait is an essential component of sports fishing. A valid licence is also a legal requirement and can be purchased annually or as a day ticket.

Rules and Regulations

Each country has its own set of rules and regulations, but familiar to most is the prohibition of using keepnets. Also, as regard competitions, the hook must be in the fish's mouth to count towards the total number caught. Those anglers who are conservation-minded will employ the catch and release system to ensure the sustainability of game species.

Fishing in Man-Made Lakes

If choosing to fish in a man-made lake, there are some special considerations to take into account. Attention should be paid to creek edges, drop-offs and ledges, as fish will seek out these areas for food and shelter. There can still be a success if casting from off the shoreline, but the chances of catching will be more limited.

The choice of bait is between artificial and natural and includes trout paste, live larvae, worms, maggots and minnows. Fly fishing is popular in lakes, and keen anglers can tie their own flies as a hobby.

Fishing is a popular pastime among many people across the country. Another popular pastime you may enjoy is online slots, a game full of risk, luck, and even a bit of strategy. Both are fun leisure activities.